What’s up?

Image very unoriginally originally created by me using AI It's november. I had imagined this year to be very different than it is. It has been such a rollercoaster. I couldn't read my beloved lesbian romance novels anymore, or hardly. Why? Because I had my very own lesbian drama. I was living my own lesbian … Continue reading What’s up?

2022 Recap and Anniversary

I started this blog exactly a year ago today. It was something I had been thinking about for a while. It started out as a review site for lesbian fiction. But it didn't feel right. There are already numerous review blogs, sites, etc. There are numerous blogs, sites, etc, writing about lesbian fiction, period. What … Continue reading 2022 Recap and Anniversary

Musings: The G!P Thing

Me after my long musings, art by s-t-a-r-gazer G!P stands for girl penis. I chose to include this tag for all omegaverse books and stories I write about. You know, to avoid confusion 😏. This War of Needs was the first omegaverse story that I read. And I remember that I was so confused. Not … Continue reading Musings: The G!P Thing

Leap of Faith

Art found on DeviantArt. Fuck, I forgot the name of the artist. Sorry! So I started this blog site purely for myself. Reading and writing about lesbian things, mainly books and fanfic, turns out to be my favorite hobby 🥰. Anyway, I chose to write in Dutch. Mostly because I am Dutch and I thought … Continue reading Leap of Faith

To review, or not to review

I recently noticed that I have already published more than 100 posts on my blog 🎉🍾! And I love doing it so much, my book club of one 😁. I say, on to the next 100! But first this. I have argued several times with some that my blog is not a review site. But what is … Continue reading To review, or not to review