Thorn – Anna Burke

Available through Bywater Books Thorne is a wonderful retelling by Anna Burke of The Beauty and The Beast. Sort of, because the beast is actually the beauty 😉. When Rowan's father steals a rose from 'the Huntress', the Huntress believes "a rose for a rose" is nothing short of fair. Rowan was given the rose as a … Continue reading Thorn – Anna Burke

Night Tide – Anna Burke

Available at Bywater Books If I were to keep lists of, for example, 'best kiss', one from Night Tide would be number 1. This second book in the Seal Cove Romance series by Anna Burke is so good! I really fell in love with the story of Lillian and Ivy 🥰. The story of Lillian Lee and Ivy Holden is one … Continue reading Night Tide – Anna Burke

Spindrift – Anna Burke

Available at Bywater Books Spindrift is the first Anna Burke book I've read. By then I had already read 100+ lesfic novels. I didn't know Anna Burke yet, but review sites were very enthusiastic about her, so I thought let's try it. I always have to get used to a new voice when I read an author I … Continue reading Spindrift – Anna Burke