Towards Sunset – Della Street

Read or download via the link below – pdf Towards-SunsetDownload Xena as a bandit in a western story? Yes, anything is possible in fanfiction 🪅. And luckily so! In Towards Sunset, the bandit Jess resides in the town of Meyersville. To pass the time, she goes after the good schoolteacher Mattie. Mattie is intimidated by the arrogant Jess, who … Continue reading Towards Sunset – Della Street

Resistance – Della Street

Read the story by clicking the link below Resistance - Della Street pdfDownload Della Street is one of my favorite XWP authors. She knows how to describe the Xena/Gabrielle dynamics so beautifully. And her stories are so romantic 🥰. Her story Resistance is a classic for me. Literally now because she wrote this in the late 90s. It's a … Continue reading Resistance – Della Street