Stolen Hearts – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon I'm back 🎉! It's been a while because of life and such, but there were some new titles I just couldn't stay away from 😊. Like this one, book 6 in the Don't Call Me Hero series. I was really looking forward to the newest Eliza Lentzski, and I must say that … Continue reading Stolen Hearts – Eliza Lentzski

Bittersweet Homecoming – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon I adore a small town romance. It's relatable to me. Especially the escaping of small town life and later seeing that such a life isn't that bad at all 🥰. Abigail (Abby) Henry returns to her hometown Grand Marais, Minnesota. She returns there for the funeral of her sister's husband. She stays … Continue reading Bittersweet Homecoming – Eliza Lentzski

The Woman in 3B – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon I believe this was the first of Eliza Lentzski's standalone novels I read. I was hooked after that. Her novels are so sweet and romantic. Hot too! And her characters are amazing. They are often sweet, charming, awkward, aloof, strong willed, stubborn, but always likeable and they feel real. Same goes for … Continue reading The Woman in 3B – Eliza Lentzski

Apophis – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon I am flabbergasted. This book by Eliza Lentzski is fantastic! Not that I am really surprised by her fabulous writing, but I am surprised she wrote such an amazing story set in an post-apocalyptic world. In truth, I am not really looking for stories like this in lesfic. I guess the main … Continue reading Apophis – Eliza Lentzski

Sour Grapes – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon or Eliza Lentzski I'll be honest. It took me some time getting used to this understated novel by Eliza Lentzski. But just like the wine that Sour Grapes is about, the book had to mature a bit in my experience. This metaphor is a bit far-fetched, but accurate nonetheless 😂. In Sour Grapes, June St. Clare is … Continue reading Sour Grapes – Eliza Lentzski

Winter Jacket (series) – Eliza Lentzski

Series or available separately via Amazon or Eliza Lentzski This series tells the delightful love story of Elle Graft and Hunter Dyson. Elle is a college teacher and Hunter is a student of hers, in her senior year of college. One day, when the heating breaks and the classroom becomes sweltering, Hunter catches Elle's eye for keeping … Continue reading Winter Jacket (series) – Eliza Lentzski

Don’t Call Me Hero (Serie) – Eliza Lentzski

Don't Call Me Hero Series - Eliza Lentzski. Available at Amazon or Eliza Lentzski Eliza Lentzski is also one of my favorite authors. Moreover, she seems like a very nice person although I don't know her at all, except a little bit on social media. I suspect it's because of how she writes. Her characters are not always easy but … Continue reading Don’t Call Me Hero (Serie) – Eliza Lentzski

Fragmented – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon or Eliza Lentzski I had bought Fragmented by Eliza Lentzski a while ago and I have finally been able to read it. And what a good book again from Eliza! One of the main characters is disabled and has to use a wheelchair. You don't see that often in a novel and I actually found … Continue reading Fragmented – Eliza Lentzski