Wild Things – Karin Kallmaker

Available at Bella Books I recently reread this beautiful novel by Karin Kallmaker. It's because I remembered a particular scene that stuck with me years after I read it. Reading it again was as powerful as I remembered. And now I understood Faith better. Still don't understand the title though 🤔. Or maybe the title … Continue reading Wild Things – Karin Kallmaker

Touchwood – Karin Kallmaker

Available at Bella Books Wow, what a bizarre sensation. I first read Touchwood by Karin Kallmaker some 25 years ago. Back then I thought it was strange that the 29-year-old Rayann falls for almost 60-year-old Louisa. I didn't think it was sexy, and not romantic either. In the meantime, I seem to think otherwise. Of course that has nothing to do … Continue reading Touchwood – Karin Kallmaker

Painted Moon – Karin Kallmaker

Available at Bella Books Painted Moon was initially published in 1994. This copy is a special issue celebrating the book's 25th anniversary. You can look for the 1994 version, but this one is even better fun because Karin Kallmaker wrote 2 additional short stories 8 and 25 years later. She has also written a foreword in which she … Continue reading Painted Moon – Karin Kallmaker