Stolen Hearts – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon I'm back 🎉! It's been a while because of life and such, but there were some new titles I just couldn't stay away from 😊. Like this one, book 6 in the Don't Call Me Hero series. I was really looking forward to the newest Eliza Lentzski, and I must say that … Continue reading Stolen Hearts – Eliza Lentzski

Don’t Call Me Hero (Serie) – Eliza Lentzski

Don't Call Me Hero Series - Eliza Lentzski. Available at Amazon or Eliza Lentzski Eliza Lentzski is also one of my favorite authors. Moreover, she seems like a very nice person although I don't know her at all, except a little bit on social media. I suspect it's because of how she writes. Her characters are not always easy but … Continue reading Don’t Call Me Hero (Serie) – Eliza Lentzski