Gillette Park – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill A novel with a psychic in it, is that possible? And then also a real one that can be taken seriously? Because unfortunately it is getting pretty silly against Dr. Grace Jennings and about her gift. But leave it to Gerri Hill to write a nice story around this. But fear not … Continue reading Gillette Park – Gerri Hill

The Wicked and the Willing – Lianyu Tan

Available on Kobo or Amazon I like novels, romantic, sweet, sexy, angst, everything. So in general I like sweet and sultry stories. Having said all that, it seems my tastes have changed slightly. I find that I find 'dark stories' that are edgy, so to speak, extremely interesting. That's why I enjoyed this novel by Lianyu Tan so much. And … Continue reading The Wicked and the Willing – Lianyu Tan