Journey’s End – L.J. Maas

Read it on, or download it here: Journeys End - L.J.-MaasDownload Journey's End is hands down the best Xena Conqueror story I've read. L.J. Maas was on fire with this one. Most of this story is written from Xena's POV, it was as if she had become Xena. At least, that was what it … Continue reading Journey’s End – L.J. Maas

Heaven Down Here – Rebecca Hall

Read it on It's time for a XWP classic! Heaven Down Here was released in 1996. When I began to think how many years ago this is, I couldn't believe it has been 26 years 😱! That is a bit frightening, to tell you the truth. Luckily my brain still works, and I can … Continue reading Heaven Down Here – Rebecca Hall

Lucifer Rising – SL Bowers

Read it on or use link below Lucifer Rising - SL BowersDownload This story was originally an Uber Xena fic. Later it was first published in 1999. I had a copy but after a few reads, the pages fell out. Tried to buy a new one but it's out of print (used only). Fortunately, … Continue reading Lucifer Rising – SL Bowers

Meridio’s Daughter – L.J. Maas

Read it on The Bard's Corner, PDF in the link below, or paperback Meridios-Daughter-L.J.-MaasDownload Another XWP 'blast from the past'. LJ Maas was a Xena fanfic legend. She has written great stories in the Xena fandom. Stories like this one. This was an uber fiction story, what would now be called an Alternative Universe. Casey is Meridio's Daughter and is on her way to … Continue reading Meridio’s Daughter – L.J. Maas

Towards Sunset – Della Street

Read or download via the link below – pdf Towards-SunsetDownload Xena as a bandit in a western story? Yes, anything is possible in fanfiction 🪅. And luckily so! In Towards Sunset, the bandit Jess resides in the town of Meyersville. To pass the time, she goes after the good schoolteacher Mattie. Mattie is intimidated by the arrogant Jess, who … Continue reading Towards Sunset – Della Street

Resistance – Della Street

Read the story by clicking the link below Resistance - Della Street pdfDownload Della Street is one of my favorite XWP authors. She knows how to describe the Xena/Gabrielle dynamics so beautifully. And her stories are so romantic 🥰. Her story Resistance is a classic for me. Literally now because she wrote this in the late 90s. It's a … Continue reading Resistance – Della Street

Queen – L.N. James

Read it on AusXip (very nice site where you can find a lot of XWP info and fanfic) Oh, this one is so good. It's been years since I've read this story, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. This XWP story of LN James is not just 🔥🔥🔥 the characterization of Xena and Gabrielle is … Continue reading Queen – L.N. James

My Protector – J.C. Wilder

My Protector – J.C. Wilder. Download via the link below (pdf) My Protector - J.C.-WilderDownload Finally, here's my first XWP fanfic fav I'm writing about. I have quite a few that I would like to share. Unfortunately, not everything can be found online. And now, I had burned everything to a cd disc years ago (yes, it's been … Continue reading My Protector – J.C. Wilder