Of Wulf and Wynd – Lexa Luthor

Available at Kobo shop or Amazon Lexa Luthor is writing a true saga with The Kingdoms of Gyldren series. After the prequel Of Iron and Gold now follows Of Wulf and Wynd (Part One: The Vows of Marriage). Meet Princess Tharon, of the Kingdom of White Sommer, and Princess Roswynd, of the Kingdom of Wyndfeld. They have been best friends since … Continue reading Of Wulf and Wynd – Lexa Luthor

Of Iron and Gold – Lexa Luthor

A Prequel from The Kingdoms of Gyldren Available at Lexa Luthor I've written about an omegaverse story before. That was a fanfic story. Not long after that, I found out that published books have appeared in omegaverse, written by Lexa Luthor. First, I love that she writes her books in omegaverse. Second, I think it's daring. Lesfic is already a niche … Continue reading Of Iron and Gold – Lexa Luthor