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Since I’ve already written posts about some femslash fanfic stories, and many more will surely follow, I thought it might be fun/useful to tell more about the ships in the stories. A ship only works for me if I feel, or at least understand, the chemistry between the two. And some amazingly beautiful ships have emerged in the last decades! See the femslash Top 100 for the most popular ships. So, here we go. These are my (for now) favorite fandoms and ships.

Supercorp (Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor – Supergirl)

Supergirl is a TV show I haven’t really followed ;-). I also got to know these two by accident through a fanfic review. And then I went to investigate again. I thought it would be more convenient to follow the show, for build-up and such. I watched a few episodes that I liked, but didn’t see all episodes. If you want to skip watching them all, and still see their whole story without all the other stuff, the two videos above are an excellent solution. I’d say give this ship a try. I’m pretty obsessed with these two by now🔥🔥😍.

Supercorp is the story of Kara Danvers, or Supergirl, Superman’s niece, and Lena Luthor, the sister of arch-rival Lex Luthor. But where Lex is an asshole, Lena is actually very sweet but has to constantly prove it to everyone. Not to Kara, who has actually been a fan of Lena from the start. I get that😏. Lena and Kara become the very, very, very best of friends 😇. All very platonic except for sultry looks, lip biting, hugs. It’s a shame that the creators insisted till the end that the ladies only had a platonic relationship.

Fortunately, that is different in the fanfiction world and everything is allowed and possible there. I’ve already read a lot of stories like Don’t You Know (that you don’t even need to try?)Habit Forming (series), or Stay the Night and I’m so thrilled with the writers in this fandom. I say: SuperCool, heh heh! Anyway, if you want to know more about the Supergirl fandom, look here .

Clexa (Clarke Griffin and Lexa – The 100)

It was about 100 years after my first f/f fanfic crush (I sometimes like to exaggerate) when I discovered Clexa. In the meantime I have tried ships like Rizzles (Rizzoli & Isles) and Cabenson (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit). But none of those stories made me feel like earlier ships like Xena and Gabrielle and J/7. Untill Clexa.

It really all came about a bit by accident because I saw Alycia Debnam Carey (Lexa) in Fear The Walking Dead. There was something about her that made me think she could very well play a lesbian character 😏.

The 100 is an American TV show that ran from 2014 – 2020. This sci-fi series had a dystopian undertone and I like that, so I went to watch it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really into it and I stopped watching. Until I read a review of don’t wanna be your girl (DWBYG). Then I went to check it out. When I found out there was a lesbian storyline in it, with Alycia Debnam Carey as one of the main characters, I suddenly got a lot more excited 😉. And after reading DWBYG I was hooked. These two had great chemistry together. And it was canon too, so the love affair actually happened in the series!

In the meantime I have read super beautiful and sexy Clexa stories and I have to say that this fandom is also written very well. Really, there is so much (writer’s) talent.

I’m not going to get into what happened to Lexa in Season 3 right now. Let’s keep it civil😉. But if you’d like to read more about The 100 fandom, you can do so here .

If you want to miss the heartache, don’t watch it after 8:50

SwanQueen (Regina Mills and Emma Swan – Once Upon a Time)

I wasn’t very familiar with the TV show Once Upon A Time (OUAT) which ran from 2011 to 2018. After I started watching the show, I dropped it after a few episodes. I don’t really know why. Basically I love fairy tales and this should be my thing. I probably thought it was too sweet. But guess what, years later I found out that this show has created one of the best and most beautiful femslash ship for years: SwanQueen.

OUAT is about the town of Storybrook. Henry, the son of Mayor Regina Mills, believes that all the residents are cursed. This causes them to forget that they are fairytale characters. Except Regina, the Evil Queen herself. Henry is an adopted child. One day shows up on the doorstep of Emma Swan, his natural mother. Emma, ​​according to Henry, is “the Savior” who can free the inhabitants of the curse.

Regina doesn’t like Emma (Miss Swan). She feels threatened by her and initially tries everything to get rid of her. Unfortunately for Regina, Emma is a tough one and she won’t be bullied. She now knows her son and wants to stay in his life. Slowly the relationship between Emma and Regina turns into mutual respect and the observant viewer see their love for each other grow.

I say observant viewer because there is nothing in the show to indicate that there is a romantic love between the two. But apparently there were a lot of observant viewers who saw it very differently. Maybe it’s because of the lovely Lana Parrilla or Jennifer Morrison in her tight jeans. Or maybe it’s the delightful dynamic between these two women. The no nonsense, somewhat grumpy, but brave Emma, and the strict and dominant (who is actually a softie) Regina are a joy to watch 😍.

After reading some great fics in this fandom, I came to believe it too, those two. Again a missed opportunity for a possible love affair between two strong female lead characters on a TV show. Because of the fanfiction I started watching the series again. I found it is not only sweet, it is also original 🪄✨. If you want to know more about the OUAT fandom, look here.

Xena and Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess – my first f/f fanfic crush)

Xena: Warrior Princess was an American TV show that ran from 1995 – 2001. I thought it was quite funny because it was set in ancient Greece. And I am a fan of Greek antiquity and mythology. But I only really started to like it when I found out that there was ‘subtext’ in the show. The love between Xena and Gabrielle was not really shown, but the observant viewer could indeed see in the subtext that the two had a love affair.

This one is also scrumptious. And made in 2021! XWP is still alive :-).

There were also a lot of writers who saw the same thing and the XWP fandom was flooded with ALT stories, now femslash, that turned the subtext into maintext. That’s how I discovered and got to know fanfiction. Oh, such beautiful stories, or books really, have been written about this couple. At the moment I can’t find everything online anymore, but I still have a few things myself, so there will certainly be many more posts to follow. You can read more about the XWP fandom here .

J/7 (Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine – Star Trek Voyager)

So now I knew from XWP that subtext could exist in a movie or TV show because there was a certain chemistry between the characters. That’s why I suddenly saw the possibility that Janeway and Seven from Star Trek Voyager (STV) could have a love affair. STV ran at the exact same time as XWP and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found J/7 stories on sites where XWP stories could be found.

I had to get used to it a bit in the beginning because Janeway was older than Seven and had more of a parental role. Or so I thought. Apparently authors from the XWP fandom were also attracted to STV and great stories/books were created in this fandom too. After reading a number of stories I was convinced that it could be different. And then the wish becomes the father of the thought, and I was done for! I couldn’t see it any other way. And let’s be honest, Seven was one of the most seductive TV characters ever 🔥. Still is! You can read more about the STV fandom here .

Mirandy (Miranda Priestly and Andrea Sachs – The Devil Wears Prada)

I’m kind of wondering if I’m really a fan of this ship, or if I’m just a fan of the fanfic written in this fandom, mainly by Telanu . Doesn’t really matter in the end. I’ve come to appreciate this couple. And I think they are exciting and good together.

I didn’t feel like that after seeing the film in 2006. Although I thought and still think that Anne Hathaway is a very beautiful woman, Meryl Streep’s character was really terrible. So cold and haughty, almost inhumane. But yeah, that’s what makes the fanfic so good. I was apparently a shallow viewer 😉. There was more to Miranda than meets the eye. As with so many things I suspect, you have to see it to believe it. But also just as well, you have to believe it before you see it.

Fashion isn’t my thing either. So also their whole world is otherworldly to me. Even that I have come to appreciate because of the fanfic. If you want to read (a little) more about the fandom, have a look here .

CaitVi (Caitlyn Kiramman and Violet – Arcane: League of Legends)

Arcane - CaitVi - fanfiction
Caitlyn Kiramman and Violet (Vi)

It’s not that I am looking for a new f/f pair to ship. But there are some out there that got my attention. Even though I am not reading the fics right now, because of luxury problems like not enough time, I know I will. And I’m 100% sure they will be awesome. I already have at least one bookmark waiting for me 😎.

Why CaitVi (follow this link for AO3 and other fanfic tags)? Well, contrary to other shows with pairs I ship, I watched the TV Series Arcane and I was blown away by it. I didn’t know the videogame League of Legends. And I also didn’t know of the TV Series, until I saw some (NSFW) fanart by Okonomiyaky. I was, let’s say, intrigued 😏. Luckily so because I immediately binged the whole season and can’t wait till season 2 starts. The animation, the writing, the storylines, the depths of the characters, the soundtrack, the worldbuilding, the despair, the sadness, the hope, the good, the bad, and the brave. All of it, is extraordinary.

The storyline for Violet (Vi) and her friendship with Caitlyn Kiramman is begging for tons of fantastic fics. They are two opposites who happen to come together and find a common goal, or even purpose. The dynamic of the characters is raw and fabulous. It develops slowly but steadily. And the creators put the chemistry in there and it is unequivocally canon. I hope. Season 2 will tell 🙏.

Art by Okonomiyaky

Another fascinating character is Vi’s sister Jinx. She is awesome, but also terrible, she is a genius and a lunatic, she hates Vi and she loves her. You feel sad for her, and you hate her. I was deeply impressed by her. Kudos for the creators of this show 👏.

Arcane - Jinx

For now, I can only say to be continued. For sure ❤️.

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