End Simulation – Sextual

Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by PapurrCat Ok, I just have to share this Supercorp fic from Sextual, because it is🔥🔥🔥🥵. After all, it's totally appropriate after my fangirling post. Lena is horny and pissed off at Kara, but she also longs for her. Kara has lied to her about her identity as Supergirl and … Continue reading End Simulation – Sextual

Bizarre Love Triangle – powergrapes

Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by Papurrcat After reading Love Like on a Silver Screen , I remembered that I had read a fic of powergrapes before that I also liked so much. Sometimes I just forget what I've read 😵‍💫. That's also really bizarre. I now use my own blog as a reference of what … Continue reading Bizarre Love Triangle – powergrapes

No Strings – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill I love novels that have a no strings or fling trope in them. I don't know, it's the clandestine, giving in to the attraction without ending up in a relationship right away, that sort of thing. Not that I was ever like that myself. I'm still from the u-haul generation 😂. Or does that … Continue reading No Strings – Gerri Hill

Habit Forming (series) – Aspidities

Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by MissLane What once started as 'oh nice, a ship that I might like too' has now grown into an obsession. Ok maybe not quite, but I've read so many Supercorp stories, even more than Clexa. And there are so many good stories! And this one is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥! But not … Continue reading Habit Forming (series) – Aspidities

This is Heaven in Hiding – orangeyouglad8

Read it on Archive of Own Ok, this is one my top favorite Clexa fics. Or at least shared 1st place with the faithtastic stories 😉. The fact that faithtastic contributed to this story will certainly have helped to my liking it so much. In This is Heaven in Hiding, Clark Griffin and Lexa Woods are lawyers. Lexa … Continue reading This is Heaven in Hiding – orangeyouglad8

Stay the Night – lynnearlington

Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by MissLane My first Supercorp fic and this one is sooooo good! I like these kinds of stories. It's pretty much all about Lena and Kara and you would almost think that nothing or no one exists outside of them. Oh yeah, except for basketball 😉. It's a long story, … Continue reading Stay the Night – lynnearlington

don’t wanna be your girl – faithtastic

Read it on Archive of Our Own I'd heard of The 100 but wasn't much interested in it. Seemed like something more for younger people 😬! Who I did know was Alycia Debnam-Carey, the actress who played Lexa in The 100. I knew her from Fear The Walking Dead. In her role of Alicia Clark, I really thought … Continue reading don’t wanna be your girl – faithtastic