Bittersweet Homecoming – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon I adore a small town romance. It's relatable to me. Especially the escaping of small town life and later seeing that such a life isn't that bad at all 🥰. Abigail (Abby) Henry returns to her hometown Grand Marais, Minnesota. She returns there for the funeral of her sister's husband. She stays … Continue reading Bittersweet Homecoming – Eliza Lentzski

The Next Life – Lise Gold & Madeleine Taylor

Available at Amazon Lise Gold and her alter ego Madeleine Taylor wrote a hot romance with The Next Life. That's how I remember it anyway. It was a particular scene that stuck with me 😏. But also Reina's story which was strong and emotional to me. In The Next Life Reina is just divorced. Her … Continue reading The Next Life – Lise Gold & Madeleine Taylor

Wild Things – Karin Kallmaker

Available at Bella Books I recently reread this beautiful novel by Karin Kallmaker. It's because I remembered a particular scene that stuck with me years after I read it. Reading it again was as powerful as I remembered. And now I understood Faith better. Still don't understand the title though 🤔. Or maybe the title … Continue reading Wild Things – Karin Kallmaker

One Simple Refrain – Nancy Ann Healy

Available at Amazon Wow, reading One Simple Refrain was like watching Brothers & Sisters. With Leona obviously being the character played by Sally Field. Sorry, this is slightly off topic. But it is true though, this book reads like a movie or TV show. Most of the book consists of dialogue. And since I am … Continue reading One Simple Refrain – Nancy Ann Healy

Of Greater Marvels Yet to Be – seabiscuit

Read it on Archive of Our Own I promised myself I wouldn't do it. There are so many fantastic stories yet to read, so many ships to adore. If I would expand my fanfic horizon then Caitvi was next in line. And then I would venture into Korrasami land. It seems that I am easily … Continue reading Of Greater Marvels Yet to Be – seabiscuit

From Fan to Forever – Tiana Warner

Available at Ylva Publishing Have you ever had a celebrity crush? If so, did you ever think what would happen if you met that person in real life? Perhaps there could be a mutual attraction. Probably not though, I mean... But From Fan to Forever is a romance novel, and anything is possible. Cate Whitney … Continue reading From Fan to Forever – Tiana Warner

About That Kiss – Harper Bliss

Available at Harper Bliss or Amazon This book by Harper Bliss was actually a (lesfic) dream coming true for me. It's a guilty pleasure of mine to sometimes fantasize that the female leads in a movie or tv-show actually, you know, hit it off 😉. Does that make me weird? I don't know. Probably not … Continue reading About That Kiss – Harper Bliss

The Fifth Wall – Black_Tea_and_Bones

Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by MissLane I discovered this gem of a story through a question I asked on Reddit. There are so many fanfic stories out there and I've read so many, but I was wondering if I might have overlooked something. I asked what was the most romantic Supercorp fic people … Continue reading The Fifth Wall – Black_Tea_and_Bones

Missed Connection – Stephanie Shea

Available at Stephanie Shea I started reading this book right after Chef's Kiss and again, this was a wonderful story by Stephanie Shea. Perhaps a little less layered than Chef's Kiss but still a title I would call a favorite. Missed Connection tells the story of Ky Logan and Avery Dimaano, an acquaintance from Chef 's Kiss. They meet at Sydney airport and travel … Continue reading Missed Connection – Stephanie Shea

An Infatuation – Jennifer Lyndon

Available at Amazon Frankly, I read this one a while ago. But I remember very well that this book was also a bit ' An Infatuation ' for me 🥰. I will also read it again as soon as possible. At her husband's work party, Lise Cabot sees a woman who makes a huge impression on her. Lise feels … Continue reading An Infatuation – Jennifer Lyndon

Bizarre Love Triangle – powergrapes

Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by Papurrcat After reading Love Like on a Silver Screen , I remembered that I had read a fic of powergrapes before that I also liked so much. Sometimes I just forget what I've read 😵‍💫. That's also really bizarre. I now use my own blog as a reference of what … Continue reading Bizarre Love Triangle – powergrapes

Artist’s Dream – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill Homosexuality and religion don't really go hand in hand 😒. This usually is a subject that is best to avoid in a lesbian novel. But Gerri Hill is not so quick to answer to what is appropriate or not. She just writes a novel in which the subject takes on … Continue reading Artist’s Dream – Gerri Hill

Love Like on a Silver Screen – powergrapes

Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by MissLane Ok, have you ever liked a book so much that your eyes couldn't absorb all the words fast enough? I've been through that several times, although that was a while ago. With this fic of powergrapes I experienced this once again 💎. Jesus, this one is so … Continue reading Love Like on a Silver Screen – powergrapes

The X Ingredient – Telanu

Read it on Archive of Our Own I've actually never gotten any further in the TDWP fandom than the stories of Telanu (pen name of Roslyn Sinclair). Actually, because I think, it can't get any better than this 😊. This is really such a bizarre story actually. It turns out that when Miranda's new assistants prove to … Continue reading The X Ingredient – Telanu

Madeleine Taylor – Online

Available at Amazon Madeleine Taylor is the pen name of Lise Gold. I have also read some of her books under her own name, that I also enjoyed. But this erotic novel stood out. Because it's erotic, yes, but also because of the story. Sex with plot, what more could you want 😏. In Online, Valerie accidentally comes into contact with … Continue reading Madeleine Taylor – Online

Everything Looks Better (in hindsight) – insanetwin

Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by MissLane Lately I've been reading almost all Supercorp fanfic. But I knew I still had some SwanQueen fics I was curious about. I read this one first on the list and…wow! What a beautiful story 🥰. Makes me want to read more SwanQueen stories again. In this fic, Emma and Regina … Continue reading Everything Looks Better (in hindsight) – insanetwin

A Family Affair – Harper Bliss

Available at Harper Bliss Harper called her new novel a "slightly scandalous" book. What one finds scandalous, is fairly tame for another. But I did read some of Harper's books which I would like to place in a higher category, such as In The Distance There is Light. A Family Affair is in a somewhat lower category, but still … Continue reading A Family Affair – Harper Bliss

Denial – Jackie Kennedy

Available at Bella Books I previously read Denial as an ' Original fiction ' story. These stories were posted on fanfiction sites. Authors such as Melissa Good and Radclyffe also made their previous stories available there. These stories were later often published as books and I still read them, sometimes about 20 years later😊. So this one too. As heartbreaking as it … Continue reading Denial – Jackie Kennedy

Summer’s End – Harper Bliss

Available at Harper Bliss If you're not warm enough, you must read this novella by Harper Bliss 🥵🔥! Emily is passing through Thailand and sees an advertisement for The Red Lodge – Beachside B&B. The price is too good to be true, but who knows, it's just a really great offer. Marianne is the owner of … Continue reading Summer’s End – Harper Bliss

Blue Is The Warmest Color – Julie Maroh

Available at Kobo Everyone probably knows the movie La Vie D'Adèle, or Blue is the Warmest Color. There was a lot of fuss about this. I thought it was a beautiful film. For me it was like watching a part of my childhood pass by. Anyway. The film is based on this graphic novel by Julie Maroh. And of course, I had … Continue reading Blue Is The Warmest Color – Julie Maroh