Devil’s Rock – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill Tori Hunter, Samantha Kennedy and their fellow detectives have failed to catch the serial killer who killed women in Dallas. Now it seems that a copycat or the so-called Patrick Doe himself has emerged in the peaceful, picturesque town of Sedona. Deputy Andrea Sullivan hoped to find some peace … Continue reading Devil’s Rock – Gerri Hill

Don’t Call Me Hero (Serie) – Eliza Lentzski

Don't Call Me Hero Series - Eliza Lentzski. Available at Amazon or Eliza Lentzski Eliza Lentzski is also one of my favorite authors. Moreover, she seems like a very nice person although I don't know her at all, except a little bit on social media. I suspect it's because of how she writes. Her characters are not always easy but … Continue reading Don’t Call Me Hero (Serie) – Eliza Lentzski

My Protector – J.C. Wilder

My Protector – J.C. Wilder. Download via the link below (pdf) My Protector - J.C.-WilderDownload Finally, here's my first XWP fanfic fav I'm writing about. I have quite a few that I would like to share. Unfortunately, not everything can be found online. And now, I had burned everything to a cd disc years ago (yes, it's been … Continue reading My Protector – J.C. Wilder