The Woman in 3B – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon I believe this was the first of Eliza Lentzski's standalone novels I read. I was hooked after that. Her novels are so sweet and romantic. Hot too! And her characters are amazing. They are often sweet, charming, awkward, aloof, strong willed, stubborn, but always likeable and they feel real. Same goes for … Continue reading The Woman in 3B – Eliza Lentzski

Of Greater Marvels Yet to Be – seabiscuit

Read it on Archive of Our Own I promised myself I wouldn't do it. There are so many fantastic stories yet to read, so many ships to adore. If I would expand my fanfic horizon then Caitvi was next in line. And then I would venture into Korrasami land. It seems that I am easily … Continue reading Of Greater Marvels Yet to Be – seabiscuit

No Rings Attached – Rachel Lacey

Available at Amazon I experienced No Rings Attached as a hidden gem. To me that is, for it's a very popular book. But when I read the blurb I thought, ok well this seems like a nice romance. I like the fake relationship trope, heard good things about it, and about Rachel Lacey, so why … Continue reading No Rings Attached – Rachel Lacey

Missed Connection – Stephanie Shea

Available at Stephanie Shea I started reading this book right after Chef's Kiss and again, this was a wonderful story by Stephanie Shea. Perhaps a little less layered than Chef's Kiss but still a title I would call a favorite. Missed Connection tells the story of Ky Logan and Avery Dimaano, an acquaintance from Chef 's Kiss. They meet at Sydney airport and travel … Continue reading Missed Connection – Stephanie Shea

An Infatuation – Jennifer Lyndon

Available at Amazon Frankly, I read this one a while ago. But I remember very well that this book was also a bit ' An Infatuation ' for me 🥰. I will also read it again as soon as possible. At her husband's work party, Lise Cabot sees a woman who makes a huge impression on her. Lise feels … Continue reading An Infatuation – Jennifer Lyndon

A Breathless Place – Harper Bliss

Available at Harper Bliss or Amazon Harper Bliss regularly writes novels with an unconventional theme. This certainly also applies to A Breathless Place . In this book, the main character plans to commit suicide and neither she nor her co-star in this romance are "spring chickens"😂. And yet it works, as always in her books. The beginning of the … Continue reading A Breathless Place – Harper Bliss

Madeleine Taylor – Online

Available at Amazon Madeleine Taylor is the pen name of Lise Gold. I have also read some of her books under her own name, that I also enjoyed. But this erotic novel stood out. Because it's erotic, yes, but also because of the story. Sex with plot, what more could you want 😏. In Online, Valerie accidentally comes into contact with … Continue reading Madeleine Taylor – Online

Turbulence – E.J. Noyes

Available at Bella Books It is a known fact. A couple not ready for a relationship embarks on a no strings affair. Enjoy each other, no hassle. Entirely right. Almost always goes well. unless you want more from the person you have great sex with and who you actually feel very comfortable with. Such an incident happened to wealthy stockbroker … Continue reading Turbulence – E.J. Noyes

Sour Grapes – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon or Eliza Lentzski I'll be honest. It took me some time getting used to this understated novel by Eliza Lentzski. But just like the wine that Sour Grapes is about, the book had to mature a bit in my experience. This metaphor is a bit far-fetched, but accurate nonetheless 😂. In Sour Grapes, June St. Clare is … Continue reading Sour Grapes – Eliza Lentzski

The Wicked and the Willing – Lianyu Tan

Available on Kobo or Amazon I like novels, romantic, sweet, sexy, angst, everything. So in general I like sweet and sultry stories. Having said all that, it seems my tastes have changed slightly. I find that I find 'dark stories' that are edgy, so to speak, extremely interesting. That's why I enjoyed this novel by Lianyu Tan so much. And … Continue reading The Wicked and the Willing – Lianyu Tan

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – Taylor Jenkins Reid

Available at Amazon I would probably never have read this book if I hadn't seen countless tweets about it. Tweets by the way from lesfic authors and readers. I became very curious and finally gave in to my curiosity. Oh, and I'm so glad I did. What a fantastic book Taylor Jenkins Reid has written with this. And what an … Continue reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – Taylor Jenkins Reid

And Playing the Role of Herself – K.E. Lane

Available at Bella Books I first read this book in the fanfic world. It was published in 2005 as 'original fiction'. There were quite a few of such stories online at the time. I guess that still happens today. I don't know if that was really behind it, but at least it's a good way (besides writing fanfic) for … Continue reading And Playing the Role of Herself – K.E. Lane

Behind The Green Curtain – Riley LaShea

Available at website Riley LaShea or Amazon I often have trouble getting to know new authors. Then I prefer to stick to what I already know because I think that's good. New authors are then viewed through colored glasses and then I regularly drop out because I am not captivated by them. I know, it's a problem … Continue reading Behind The Green Curtain – Riley LaShea