Heaven Down Here – Rebecca Hall

Read it on Ausxip.com It's time for a XWP classic! Heaven Down Here was released in 1996. When I began to think how many years ago this is, I couldn't believe it has been 26 years šŸ˜±! That is a bit frightening, to tell you the truth. Luckily my brain still works, and I can … Continue reading Heaven Down Here – Rebecca Hall

Denial – Jackie Kennedy

Available at Bella Books I previously readĀ Denial as an 'Ā Original fictionĀ ' story.Ā These stories were posted on fanfiction sites.Ā Authors such as Melissa Good and Radclyffe also made their previous stories available there.Ā These stories were later often published as books and I still read them, sometimes about 20 years lateršŸ˜Š. So this one too.Ā As heartbreaking as it … Continue reading Denial – Jackie Kennedy

Night Tide – Anna Burke

Available at Bywater Books If I were to keep lists of, for example, 'best kiss', one fromĀ Night TideĀ would be number 1.Ā This second book in theĀ Seal Cove RomanceĀ series by Anna Burke is so good!Ā I really fell in love with the story of Lillian and Ivy šŸ„°. The story of Lillian Lee and Ivy Holden is one … Continue reading Night Tide – Anna Burke