Hunter’s Revenge – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books Finally there is closure for Tori Hunter. Closure about knowing who killed her family. Or is there? Well, it could very well be the case when Tori and Casey investigate a homicide of a 71-year old man. A man who is keeping hundreds of photos of Tori. And when they find … Continue reading Hunter’s Revenge – Gerri Hill

Stolen Hearts – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon I'm back 🎉! It's been a while because of life and such, but there were some new titles I just couldn't stay away from 😊. Like this one, book 6 in the Don't Call Me Hero series. I was really looking forward to the newest Eliza Lentzski, and I must say that … Continue reading Stolen Hearts – Eliza Lentzski

I Know You Don’t Believe (It’s You I’ve Waited For) – Jazzfordshire

Read it on Archive of Our Own Two SC fics in a row. I must be infatuated 😇. A Supercorp slow burn by Jazzfordshire, is that even possible? Well, yes it is. In fact this is one of the best slow burns I've ever read! What's more, Lena Luthor is a vampire. She's the perfect … Continue reading I Know You Don’t Believe (It’s You I’ve Waited For) – Jazzfordshire

No Rings Attached – Rachel Lacey

Available at Amazon I experienced No Rings Attached as a hidden gem. To me that is, for it's a very popular book. But when I read the blurb I thought, ok well this seems like a nice romance. I like the fake relationship trope, heard good things about it, and about Rachel Lacey, so why … Continue reading No Rings Attached – Rachel Lacey

Biding Time – Lyn Gardner

Available at Amazon Oh, I had such a conundrum with this one. While reading Biding Time the feeling krept up on me that I lost focus sometimes. Lyn Gardner tells an incredibly elaborate story. And I am impatient. What started as a definite candidate for a favorite title, became a bit of a long-winded story. … Continue reading Biding Time – Lyn Gardner

Lucifer Rising – SL Bowers

Read it on or use link below Lucifer Rising - SL BowersDownload This story was originally an Uber Xena fic. Later it was first published in 1999. I had a copy but after a few reads, the pages fell out. Tried to buy a new one but it's out of print (used only). Fortunately, … Continue reading Lucifer Rising – SL Bowers

Red Tide at Heron Bay – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books I put the tag 'enemies to lovers' on this one. But it is not really. It's more like a 'dislike to like' thing 😏. But this works so well in Red Tide at Heron Bay. This one is another Gerri Hill win for me. Lauren Voss lives a quit life in … Continue reading Red Tide at Heron Bay – Gerri Hill

Fated Love – Radclyffe

Available at Bold Strokes Books Remember when I wrote about Above All, Honor, I mentioned that Radclyffe's books can be quite addictive. So, I fell into the honeytrap myself. Fortunately, I was able to climb out just in time, but I quite enjoyed myself in there for a while 😬. Especially while reading Fated Love 🥰. Honor Blake is … Continue reading Fated Love – Radclyffe

Artist’s Dream – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill Homosexuality and religion don't really go hand in hand 😒. This usually is a subject that is best to avoid in a lesbian novel. But Gerri Hill is not so quick to answer to what is appropriate or not. She just writes a novel in which the subject takes on … Continue reading Artist’s Dream – Gerri Hill

A Breathless Place – Harper Bliss

Available at Harper Bliss or Amazon Harper Bliss regularly writes novels with an unconventional theme. This certainly also applies to A Breathless Place . In this book, the main character plans to commit suicide and neither she nor her co-star in this romance are "spring chickens"😂. And yet it works, as always in her books. The beginning of the … Continue reading A Breathless Place – Harper Bliss

Denial – Jackie Kennedy

Available at Bella Books I previously read Denial as an ' Original fiction ' story. These stories were posted on fanfiction sites. Authors such as Melissa Good and Radclyffe also made their previous stories available there. These stories were later often published as books and I still read them, sometimes about 20 years later😊. So this one too. As heartbreaking as it … Continue reading Denial – Jackie Kennedy

Partners – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill The third installment in The Tori Hunter Trilogy is super exciting. Tori teams up with John Sikes who has become more and more of a friend to her. Casey has to team up with Leslie Turner. She is not waiting for a new partner right now. Not now that the case they are working … Continue reading Partners – Gerri Hill

Timber Falls – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill Yes! Another new Gerri Hill has been released 🎉! I had been waiting for it for a while and on July 14 the time had come; Timber Falls was released to the world 😊. And oh, how I always enjoy her books. Sometimes they make me also a bit sad, because now … Continue reading Timber Falls – Gerri Hill

You’re All I Ever Loved (So Come On And Hate Me) – Serafaerosa

Read it on Archive of Our Own Obviously, I haven't read all the fanfic in omegaverse of all F/F ships. But what I did read in the Clexa and SuperCorp fandom is sooooo good! This one by Serafaerosa is a perfect example. Because it is not only 🔥🔥🔥, but is also full of angst. love and drama. And let … Continue reading You’re All I Ever Loved (So Come On And Hate Me) – Serafaerosa

The Goodmans – Clare Ashton

Available at Amazon or Kobo Despite the fact that I've read a whole lot of books in the last two years. And while I still have a long to-read list of books I've already bought or downloaded in the case of fanfic. I still love to read my favorite books a second time. So, The Goodmans is one … Continue reading The Goodmans – Clare Ashton

At the Water’s Edge – Harper Bliss

Available at Harper Bliss webshop or the sequel via Deluxe edition I think Harper Bliss is a very interesting author. That may not come off as enthusiastic, but I truly am about her. I have read many of her books. She writes books that regularly deal with controversial topics such as alcoholism, suicide(tendency), body positivity, extreme sex, polyamorous, … Continue reading At the Water’s Edge – Harper Bliss

The Wicked and the Willing – Lianyu Tan

Available on Kobo or Amazon I like novels, romantic, sweet, sexy, angst, everything. So in general I like sweet and sultry stories. Having said all that, it seems my tastes have changed slightly. I find that I find 'dark stories' that are edgy, so to speak, extremely interesting. That's why I enjoyed this novel by Lianyu Tan so much. And … Continue reading The Wicked and the Willing – Lianyu Tan

Don’t Call Me Hero (Serie) – Eliza Lentzski

Don't Call Me Hero Series - Eliza Lentzski. Available at Amazon or Eliza Lentzski Eliza Lentzski is also one of my favorite authors. Moreover, she seems like a very nice person although I don't know her at all, except a little bit on social media. I suspect it's because of how she writes. Her characters are not always easy but … Continue reading Don’t Call Me Hero (Serie) – Eliza Lentzski

Saving Grace – Jennifer Fulton

Available at Bella Books Apparently, I'm in a nostalgic mood. Because I was recently thinking about this novel by Jennifer Fulton, originally published in 1993. I read it in the late 90's and then read it a few more times. I thought it was such an impressive novel, not least because of the complex main characters. It is … Continue reading Saving Grace – Jennifer Fulton

Thorn – Anna Burke

Available through Bywater Books Thorne is a wonderful retelling by Anna Burke of The Beauty and The Beast. Sort of, because the beast is actually the beauty 😉. When Rowan's father steals a rose from 'the Huntress', the Huntress believes "a rose for a rose" is nothing short of fair. Rowan was given the rose as a … Continue reading Thorn – Anna Burke