Towards Sunset – Della Street

Read or download via the link below – pdf Towards-SunsetDownload Xena as a bandit in a western story? Yes, anything is possible in fanfiction 🪅. And luckily so! In Towards Sunset, the bandit Jess resides in the town of Meyersville. To pass the time, she goes after the good schoolteacher Mattie. Mattie is intimidated by the arrogant Jess, who … Continue reading Towards Sunset – Della Street

Of Wulf and Wynd – Lexa Luthor

Available at Kobo shop or Amazon Lexa Luthor is writing a true saga with The Kingdoms of Gyldren series. After the prequel Of Iron and Gold now follows Of Wulf and Wynd (Part One: The Vows of Marriage). Meet Princess Tharon, of the Kingdom of White Sommer, and Princess Roswynd, of the Kingdom of Wyndfeld. They have been best friends since … Continue reading Of Wulf and Wynd – Lexa Luthor

My Protector – J.C. Wilder

My Protector – J.C. Wilder. Download via the link below (pdf) My Protector - J.C.-WilderDownload Finally, here's my first XWP fanfic fav I'm writing about. I have quite a few that I would like to share. Unfortunately, not everything can be found online. And now, I had burned everything to a cd disc years ago (yes, it's been … Continue reading My Protector – J.C. Wilder

Captive in the Underworld – Lianyu Tan

Available at Lianyu Tan I like mythological stories. I like lesfic stories. And I like stories that aren't too sweet. Captive in the Underworld ticks all these boxes 😊. Awesome! How wonderful to find so much variety in books and stories these days. Fantasy is truly endless. Captive in the Underworld by Lianyu Tan tells the mythological story of Hades and Persephone. In … Continue reading Captive in the Underworld – Lianyu Tan

Of Iron and Gold – Lexa Luthor

A Prequel from The Kingdoms of Gyldren Available at Lexa Luthor I've written about an omegaverse story before. That was a fanfic story. Not long after that, I found out that published books have appeared in omegaverse, written by Lexa Luthor. First, I love that she writes her books in omegaverse. Second, I think it's daring. Lesfic is already a niche … Continue reading Of Iron and Gold – Lexa Luthor

The Birds and the Bees – Omega13

The Birds and The Bees - Omega13 Read or download it: The Birds and The Bees - Omega13Download Star Trek Voyager, a female captain, plus a super sexy Borg, that's all you need to write an appealing story, right? Omega13 probably thought so too but manages to give an interesting twist to the story in The Birds … Continue reading The Birds and the Bees – Omega13

The Lily and The Crown – Roslyn Sinclair

Available at Ylva Publishing Roslyn Sinclair is an author I got to know through reviews from TheLesbianReview . This story was first a fanfic by Telanu (penname for Roslyn Sinclair). The fanfic was from the fandom The Devil Wears Prada. It really never occurred to me that Andrea and Miranda could be or become a couple. With some apprehension I read a … Continue reading The Lily and The Crown – Roslyn Sinclair

The Scorpion – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill The Scorpion is an exciting thriller. It could easily be made into a movie. In fact, that is true of most of Gerri Hill's books. But this one is just different from the other novels written by her. The Scorpion has also won a so-called Goldie, it's that good. Goldie or not, I … Continue reading The Scorpion – Gerri Hill