Queerleaders – M.B. Guel

Available at Bella Books What an absolute delight to begin this year with this post about Queerleaders by M.B. Guel. Young Adult is not usually my go to genre, but the premise of this one spoke to me. Turns out that my intuition was correct. What a swoon worthy story! A perfect and positive way … Continue reading Queerleaders – M.B. Guel

Blue Is The Warmest Color – Julie Maroh

Available at Kobo Everyone probably knows the movie La Vie D'Adèle, or Blue is the Warmest Color. There was a lot of fuss about this. I thought it was a beautiful film. For me it was like watching a part of my childhood pass by. Anyway. The film is based on this graphic novel by Julie Maroh. And of course, I had … Continue reading Blue Is The Warmest Color – Julie Maroh

Girl Island – Kate Castle

Available at Amazon Actually, I don't read many Young Adult books. But I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading this book by Kate Castle! It made me think about myself and when I was 17. What a long time ago now! I didn't read much when I was that age, but I think I would have been very excited … Continue reading Girl Island – Kate Castle