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My first Supercorp fic and this one is sooooo good! I like these kinds of stories. It’s pretty much all about Lena and Kara and you would almost think that nothing or no one exists outside of them. Oh yeah, except for basketball 😉. It’s a long story, but never boring for even a second. This sounds strange, but when I read a book with more than 1000 (Kobo) pages, I get a bit scared. But in this case, there was nothing to be afraid of. Really, really well done by lynnearlington.

Stay the Night is about Lena Luthor who unexpectedly takes over a basketball team, the National City Lakehawks, from her brother. Lena knows absolutely nothing about basketball. But she knows business, and this team turns out to be a very good investment. Not least of all because of Kara Danvers’ great game. Kara is not only good at basketball, but she is also very beautiful. To say that Lena is impressed by Kara is an understatement.

Despite the fact that Lena knows nothing about basketball and doesn’t really care about it, she attents every game the Lakehawks play. Together with her friend Jack, she is a loyal spectator. Kara meets the distant but stunning Lena and is just as impressed with her as the other way around. Lena and Kara not only find each other attractive but also get along very well. An affair looms, but Lena resists. She is convinced that nothing romantic can develop between them because it would be indecent. After all, Lena is Kara’s boss and she doesn’t want to do anything to damage the image of herself, Kara, or her company.

The chemistry between the two is of course unbearable and in the long run, quite quickly actually😉, Lena gives in. Kara does have to abide by some rules though; it’s only sex, no one can know, when feelings come into play, they stop, and they don’t spend the night together. Kara agrees to these terms. Her world consists only of basketball. A ‘no strings’ affair with the beautiful Lena suits her perfectly. Then the ladies have sex whenever they can. You’d think that would get boring after a while, but it certainly does not! First off, the sex scenes aren’t always explicit, and it is always sex with feels. And those feelings will eventually take over. Do they dare to allow it? Or do they stop as agreed?

I enjoyed this so much. The characterizations are spot on. And the bantering between Lena and Jack was so funny and adorable. In this story, Kara is not Supergirl, she is a superstar. And strong and muscular, so that’s all good. I think Supercorp is a wonderful ship. I’m glad I discovered them ❤️🥰.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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