You & Me & Holiday Wine – ekingston

Read it on Archive of Our Own Oh yes! A Christmas AU Supercorp fic of sorts (read the tags). I love You & Me & Holiday Wine, because it's the season you know 🧑‍🎄⛄. And it is a delightful story! In this AU, Lena travels to Sam's cabin in Colorado to pick up some work. … Continue reading You & Me & Holiday Wine – ekingston

Apophis – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon I am flabbergasted. This book by Eliza Lentzski is fantastic! Not that I am really surprised by her fabulous writing, but I am surprised she wrote such an amazing story set in an post-apocalyptic world. In truth, I am not really looking for stories like this in lesfic. I guess the main … Continue reading Apophis – Eliza Lentzski

Christmas Inn Maine – Chelsea M. Cameron

Available at Amazon I love Christmas, I really do. There are a few things though, I am not a fan of. Things like the chaos in anticipation towards Christmas. People running around like crazy trying to get everything done before Christmas. The never-ending Hallmark Christmas movies my wife loves to watch, starting in November. Though … Continue reading Christmas Inn Maine – Chelsea M. Cameron

There’s A Big Old Moon Shining Down At Night – Jazzfordshire

Read it at Archive of Our Own, art by MissLane It is unbelievable that I continue to be amazed at the amount of terrific fanfic stories that are being written. Because this is another one. There is no arguing about taste. What one person thinks is good, another does not like. But for my part, I've read many a … Continue reading There’s A Big Old Moon Shining Down At Night – Jazzfordshire

Alone – E.J. Noyes

Available at Bella Books I read Alone by EJ Noyes almost a year ago now, but when I think about it, I can still remember how I felt. It was hot and I was sitting in the garden, and I felt so free because of the story of Celeste, who chose 4 years of solitude for … Continue reading Alone – E.J. Noyes

This War of Needs – N1ghtWr1ter, RaeDMagdon

Read it on Archive of Our Own When I started reading this story, I thought at one point: 'Wait a minute, alpha, omega, beta, omegaverse? What does all this mean?' Of course, I got an idea while reading it 😉. But after reading this article it all became a lot clearer to me. And I have to say it gave … Continue reading This War of Needs – N1ghtWr1ter, RaeDMagdon

Girl Island – Kate Castle

Available at Amazon Actually, I don't read many Young Adult books. But I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading this book by Kate Castle! It made me think about myself and when I was 17. What a long time ago now! I didn't read much when I was that age, but I think I would have been very excited … Continue reading Girl Island – Kate Castle

After the Summer Rain – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill As with The Cottage, this book by Gerri Hill made me cry again. And I really never cry when reading a book. Well, almost never then. Somehow Gerri Hill manages to strike that particular chord with me. At least After the Summer Rain did. Erin Ryder is a workaholic and after she gets dumped … Continue reading After the Summer Rain – Gerri Hill

Keepers of the Cave – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books Thrilling novel by Gerri Hill. Not only exciting, but also quite intense, frightening, shocking, surprising and of course there is also room for a romance. In fact, that's what I find most special about this book. I don't think I'm easily shocked myself. But I think I occasionally read this with an open mouth. Gerri … Continue reading Keepers of the Cave – Gerri Hill

Painted Moon – Karin Kallmaker

Available at Bella Books Painted Moon was initially published in 1994. This copy is a special issue celebrating the book's 25th anniversary. You can look for the 1994 version, but this one is even better fun because Karin Kallmaker wrote 2 additional short stories 8 and 25 years later. She has also written a foreword in which she … Continue reading Painted Moon – Karin Kallmaker

The Scorpion – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill The Scorpion is an exciting thriller. It could easily be made into a movie. In fact, that is true of most of Gerri Hill's books. But this one is just different from the other novels written by her. The Scorpion has also won a so-called Goldie, it's that good. Goldie or not, I … Continue reading The Scorpion – Gerri Hill