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Take a Chance on Me - AOBZ - SwanQueen fic
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Take a Chance on Me is one of my first SwanQueen fics. This one got me hooked on this ship. Nice slow burn on the way to ‘a whole lot of heat’ 🔥🔥. 

The story begins when Regina visits Emma in the hospital. Emma is injured after yet another heroic act to save the community from evil. Regina is angry with Emma for always doing so much for others without regard for her own safety. She feels that Emma is not taking good care of herself and demands that she come home with Regina until she is a bit stronger.

Emma reluctantly admits. Also because she doesn’t want Henry to worry about her. She moves in with Regina and Henry. During her stay, Emma and Regina get to know each other better. The household with the three is actually very nice and becomes more and more familiar. Slowly but surely, Regina and Emma confide in each other and share things they have never shared with anyone before.

All well and good until those pesky dwarves threaten and attack Regina with magic 👿. As a result, Regina loses her own ability to use magic. She is all stressed and scared but Emma helps her through this difficult time and does everything to break the spell cast by the dwarves. The bond between the two grows stronger and they eventually give in to the attraction that has built up 🔥.

How the surrender to each other evolve is different than usual. It’s slow but very sexy. It’s peeling off layers, literally and figuratively 😏. But when the peeling is done, to stick with the metaphor for a moment, then there’s no stopping them. What a really nice, sweet, funny, sexy, hot, sensitive, magical story this is ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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