The Secret Pond – Gerri Hill

The Secret Pond - Gerri Hill - lesbian novel
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Oh, it’s time for another Gerri Hill favorite. And every time I post about a favorite, especially one by Gerri Hill, I immediately want to read the book again. And I don’t have the time! Aaaarch! But I guess there are worse things. And I’ve read all these books once (or more) and I’ll never forget them 🥰.

In The Secret Pond, Lindsey McDermott has retired to her grandparents’ house in the Texas Hill Country. She has quit her job and bought a puppy and leads a lonely life. Lindsey mourns squarely and suffers from feelings of guilt.

Hannah Larson lives just down the road. She has moved into the house of her late husband’s grandmother. Together with her young son Jack she tries to pick up her life again. She doesn’t know yet whether she will continue to live in the Texas Hill Country. She’s also not quite sure she wants to live so close to her meddling mother-in-law. In fact, she only does that for Jack, so that he can get to know his father’s family.

Lindsey and Hannah would never have met if Jack hadn’t disobeyed his mother by going further from home than agreed. As a result, Jack meets Lindsey and the two start an unlikely friendship. Jack increasingly pulls Lindsey out of her shell with his disarming personality. The two hang out daily and eventually Lindsey meets Jack’s mother.

Hannah doesn’t trust Lindsey at first. But she soon realizes how good she is to Jack and his grieving process. She also learns that this is mutual and begins to see Lindsey more and more as a family friend. Hannah has never had lesbian feelings. But as she and Lindsey spend more time together, these feelings grow stronger.

Pffff, this novel…. So beautiful! Lindsey’s grief that is so palpable. The friendship between Lindsey and Jack that is so pure and genuine. And the love between these women that is so inescapable. That love is so pure ❤️. And all that with the beautiful environment as a background where all this takes place, with the enchanting pond as an important player.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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