Strawberry Summer – Melissa Brayden

Strawberry Summer - Melissa Brayden - lesbian romance
Available at Bold Strokes

Melissa Brayden has written many beautiful novels. But some really stand out for me. Like Strawberry Summer.

Margaret Beringer and Courtney Carrington were each other’s first true love. They were so in love that no one could have imagined that they would ever break up. Yet that happened. And it was all very painful.

When Margaret sees Courtney for the first time after a long time, it does not make her feel happy. On the contrary. And yet, the love they felt for each other was real. And Courtney has become even more beautiful than she already was after those years. It doesn’t take long before Margaret and Courtney find it increasingly difficult to ignore the feelings, they apparently still feel for each other.

Seems like a standard romantic story. Why this is one of my favorites regardless, is besides the fact that Melissa Brayden is a fantastic romance author, it’s also because there is a side to the story that makes it a bit more raw than usual. This made the feelings more real and deeper for me, and therefore the romance richer and warmer.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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