Hunter’s Way – Gerri Hill

Hunter's Way - Gerri Hill - lesbian thriller
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When I wrote the post for Timber Falls, I also wanted to say how much I liked that it referenced familiar characters from another Gerri Hill book. But then I found out that I hadn’t written about those characters yet. And if I’m going to talk about them, I definitely have to write about the source of all this: Tori Hunter. Does it sound complicated 😂. It’s all good. Anyway, here we go 💫.

In this first part of the Tori Hunter Trilogy, you will get to know the homicide detective Tori Hunter. Tori is a great detective but socially not that strong. She certainly is not with the detectives who work with her as a partner. That she has worn out 6 partners in the last 7 years is telling. But they do not give up and assign her a new partner in the person of Samantha Kennedy. Tori didn’t count on the fact that Samantha turns out to be a worthy colleague who doesn’t let herself be put aside so easily.

Besides, Samantha has other things to worry about. Like a new job and a demanding boyfriend that she’s having more and more trouble with. Despite a rough start, Samantha and Tori grow closer. Tori finds that Samantha is able to do the unbelievable, which is to allow someone into her heart. And Samantha’s life gets an unexpected boost when she finds that her feelings for Tori certainly don’t turn out to be platonic or just amicable.

Meanwhile, all kinds of things happen in the background that make them even detectives. They are after a serial killer. And drug dealers are also involved. The detective part in the book is so good. Gerri Hill’s detectives are well put together. But the romance is more prominent in this first part. There’s also something happening that many romance authors wouldn’t venture into. I also found it quite intense. But it fit and I actually like the raw edge that you often find in Gerri Hill’s books.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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