Devil’s Rock – Gerri Hill

Devil's Rock - Gerri Hill - lesbian thriller
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Tori Hunter, Samantha Kennedy and their fellow detectives have failed to catch the serial killer who killed women in Dallas. Now it seems that a copycat or the so-called Patrick Doe himself has emerged in the peaceful, picturesque town of Sedona.

Deputy Andrea Sullivan hoped to find some peace in Sedona after a traumatic event in LA where she was a cop. Unfortunately, the peace is shattered by Patrick Doe and his gruesome murders. Fortunately, FBI Agent Cameron Ross comes to help Andrea and her colleagues with the investigation.

Cameron is an ex-military. She did not leave military service unscathed and joined the FBI. She struggles with her own demons. That is why the life she now leads is excellent for her. Alone in her high-tech camper, she travels around solving complex murder cases with the help of a computer whiz who supports her in the process.

Cameron is a loner but is not insensitive to a beautiful woman. She quickly makes it clear to Andrea that she is up for a fling. Andrea has a soft spot for the charming and handsome Cameron and goes into it. But Cameron and Andrea share much more than their bodies. It seems that these broken women still find love in each other.

Meanwhile, they go in search of Patrick Doe. They also have contact with Tori for this. Nice to see her again in this book. They’re all out to get him. Because if you ‘ve read Partners, you know it’s personal for Tori to catch this killer.

Tori Hunter seems to be the favorite for many. She is also a very beautiful character. And together with Sam they are such a beloved couple. But I think I secretly fell for Cameron and her Andy even more 🥰.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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