Don’t You Know (that you don’t even need to try?) – coffeeshib

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Another delightful Supercorp fic. Coffeeshibs Supercorp fics are always so warm and comfortable. You are briefly in the world of Lena and Kara. The SC world which coffeeshibs creates, and that’s so sweet🥰.

In this Alternate Universe (AU) story, Lena and Kara are neighbors. Lena finds out because her new neighbor is bothering her with loud music. After a while she is fed up and decides to confront her antisocial neighbor.

From the moment Kara opens the door, Lena is already lost. Kara is blond, blue-eyed, muscular and gives her a friendly smile. But Lena is not distracted and she has her say. Kara apologizes and promises not to bother her again. In fact, Kara launches a kindness offensive and does everything she can to win Lena’s friendship.

She eventually succeeds and Lena and Kara soon become inseparable. Their friends, as well as the reader, have long known that they should be a couple. But to keep things exciting, they don’t admit it until late 😂. To make up for the fact that it took so long, when they do give in to their mutual attraction it’s🔥🔥.

If you’re a Supercorp fan, you don’t have to, but it’s more fun, and if you want to swoon, then I say: read this fic 💜.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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