The Alpha God (book 5) – Like A Calling – Lexa Luthor

The Alpha God (book 5) – Like A Calling – Lexa Luthor - omegaverse
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I’ve been getting a little distracted by all sorts of other things lately. So many things to do, books to read, and so little time 🤦‍♀️. Anyway, I’ve finally moved on with The Alpha God Serie, book 5 that is.

I guess I was a little scared because book 4 ended with a nasty cliffhanger. But in the end, it turned out great. Although, in Like a Calling, the Sworne finally come on the scene. Kal seems to have already anticipated a few things, so partly because of this, Kander is not completely destroyed. Yet the threat is real, and Kal prepares everyone for a high-impact showdown.

This encounter is ultimately not without consequences and Charlie’s hatred for the Sworne only grows. The love between Charlie and Kal also grows, as does the bond between them that becomes more and more apparent. I noticed now that Dorlon isn’t really there. And when she does, there’s a kind of battle between her and Charlie. I didn’t quite get it, but hopefully that will become clear later.

I found this part a little less good than the previous parts. It struck me as a prelude to the next part. Nevertheless, the series is still great, and the sex is back in this installment 🔥🔥🔥. That helps a lot of course. I still maintain that I am not shallow at all 😇. Or not completely, that is also a possibility 😏.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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