There’s A Big Old Moon Shining Down At Night – Jazzfordshire

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It is unbelievable that I continue to be amazed at the amount of terrific fanfic stories that are being written. Because this is another one. There is no arguing about taste. What one person thinks is good, another does not like. But for my part, I’ve read many a lesfic novel that I found less engaging than fanfics like this one by Jazzfordshire. Not that that matters in the least 😂.

Alright, in this Jazzfordshire fic, Lena is forcibly sent on vacation by her friends Jack and Sam. Reluctantly, she admits that she is dead tired. Lena buys a house in picturesque Midvale and expects to be able to cut herself off from everything and everyone for a while. She’s not there to make friends. She wants rest. Should be possible in this sleepy town where there is nothing exciting about it. Right?

That is until her car breaks down and she is forced to meet the local car mechanic Kara. When Lena first sees the mechanic, her plans for peace and seclusion fly out one by one. It’s an instant lust situation 😏. Lena comes out of her shell to get to know Kara better. Then it turns out that Kara is not only beautiful, but also super sweet. She shows Lena how to have fun, a previously unknown phenomenon to her.

After a while, Lena grows to really like her new life in Midvale. Kara’s friends are her friends too and she is relaxing more and more. The relaxation is complete when Kara and Lena finally have sex and agree that it is a no-strings affair between them. After all, Lena must one day return as CEO of her multimillion-dollar company L-Corp. And Kara knows she will always want to stay in Midvale. Simple right? No, of course not because they are deeply in love with each other 😍😂!

This is a novel, period! A Supercorp fanfic of the highest quality. I say, enjoy reading this one from Jazzfordshire and swoon away in Supercorp country ❤️.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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