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Supercorp door PapurrCat
Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by PapurrCat

Ok, I just have to share this Supercorp fic from Sextual, because it is🔥🔥🔥🥵. After all, it’s totally appropriate after my fangirling post.

Lena is horny and pissed off at Kara, but she also longs for her. Kara has lied to her about her identity as Supergirl and she just can’t stand it. To meet her need, she uses her own VR lenses and comes up with a fantasy that should give her relief. She decides to fantasize that Kara catches her masturbating.

Kara arrives at just the right time, as expected. The VR fantasy is even better than expected and Kara goes along with it very nicely 😏. Only the fantasy Kara reacts differently than expected. In fact, she admits that she’s always wanted to be more than friends with Lena and seems to have been taken aback by Lena’s aggressive and direct approach. Lena thinks she needs to configure the VR lenses a little better. This Kara is way too sweet and gentle and she’s still pissed off at her. Lena orders hr fantasy Kara to let loose the beast inside. Well, Kara complies of course 🤤.

Lena ends the simulation after the hardcore sex but unfortunately, nothing happens. The lenses are crap and apparently, she actually had some hard sex with the real Kara and shared her deepest fantasies with her 😂. So, it’s all really embarrassing. But their encounter, how unfortunate it may have been, has opened the (sex) floodgates and no force on earth can close them anymore, haha. Oh, and in all their enthusiasm they also forgot something. You can’t get pregnant in a VR fantasy. But you absolutely can in a real-life situation 🤭.

This story is so good. The smuttiest smut ever written, but very good smut 🥵. With feels! And so funny! Sextual proves that sex and humor go very well together. In the end there is even love, of course🥰. Maybe I’m weird, sure, who isn’t, but I was even moved at the end of the story 😂. Loved it 😍.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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