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This is Heaven in Hiding - orangeyouglad8 - Clexa fanfic
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Ok, this is one my top favorite Clexa fics. Or at least shared 1st place with the faithtastic stories 😉. The fact that faithtastic contributed to this story will certainly have helped to my liking it so much.

In This is Heaven in Hiding, Clark Griffin and Lexa Woods are lawyers. Lexa is the Assistant District Attorney who appears in court as a prosecutor. She regularly faces Clarke, who defends the accused. To say Clarke doesn’t like Lexa is an understatement. If there is anyone who will get all her hair on end in no time, it is Lexa. Lexa is driven, always super focused and prepares her work extremely well. She always manages to surprise Clarke with new facts that often make Clarke’s life miserable.

What makes life a little sweeter for Clarke is that she finds Lexa very attractive. So it happens that after another tense duel in court, a spark jumps between Clarke and Lexa during a drink in the local pub. Clarke invites Lexa home with her. Lexa accepts and from then on, it’s clear; they really like each other physically 🔥🔥!

Clexa fanfic

Clarke figures that now they slept together, the sexual tension between them should be gone. But nope, still there. From then on, the two have sex whenever possible. But the more they do this, the more intense it is. And the more Clarke notices that she’s starting to feel something for Lexa. She doesn’t want that; it must be kept strictly separate. She just wants sex with Lexa, that’s all. But still, slowly but surely, she notices that Lexa is actually really kind. And also, very sweet. She gets her up when she’s down. And she’s now at Lexa’s house almost as often as she is at home. Well simple right? It’s love! Well, no, because Clarke is super stubborn and super slow at recognizing her feelings.

Of course, Clarke will eventually catch up on what’s going on. That’s not really a spoiler. Clarke realizes that she’s hopelessly in love with Lexa. Orangeyouglad8 describes her journey to that realization in a beautiful way! So romantic. This is a highest recommendation in my opinion ❤️🥰.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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