Of Iron and Gold – Lexa Luthor

Of Iron and Gold - Lexa Luthor - lesbian omegaverse

A Prequel from The Kingdoms of Gyldren

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I’ve written about an omegaverse story before. That was a fanfic story. Not long after that, I found out that published books have appeared in omegaverse, written by Lexa Luthor. First, I love that she writes her books in omegaverse. Second, I think it’s daring. Lesfic is already a niche genre, and this subgenre might make it even more difficult. But maybe not. Who knows how popular it will become. It wouldn’t surprise me because it’s ‘a whole new world’ in itself. That alone makes it fantastic.

Of Iron and Gold is about the princess Kinsey who gets four Alpha slaves to judge which one is good enough to get her pregnant. Kinsey is the heir apparent and refuses to be with an Alpha. She’s not much of a fan of Alphas. But she does need one to get pregnant. This is apparently the solution to the problem.

One of the Alphas is Aubrey, a woman. A so-called degenerate person who is looked down upon. Aubrey tries to join Kinsey’s game to gain her freedom. But it becomes difficult for her to voluntarily agree to provide Kinsey with offspring when she finds out she would never be able to see the child.

Kinsey is impressed by Aubrey. And it soon becomes clear that Aubrey is the right choice. Her inner Omega helps her make that choice. But whether Aubrey can surrender to Kinsey’s undeniable appeal remains to be seen.

Yeah, well what can I say. It may be a specific flavor, but I love omegaverse ❤️. It strikes certain chords, so to speak 😉. Of Iron and Gold is the beginning of The Kingdoms of Gyldren series. I also like the fantasy world that is created in the book. It has a bit of the Middle Ages, Game of Thrones, feeling. The entire Alpha God series is already waiting on my e-reader. The series is set in a sci-fi world. Well, drive me crazy!

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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